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Coaches in the Folsom Softball Club are the face of the organization.  A strong coaching staff is the key to a successful organization.  We focus on a structured Coaching Development Program including clinics, ACE coaching certification, and formal coaching standards and expectations to ensure and maximize the positive development of our children.  All coaches are expected to adhere to the FSC code of conduct and division goals, and will be evaluated by the parents on their performance to those standards. Our coaches should teach in a fun and positive manner while focusing on the top two goals of the specific age division.

Recreational Coaching Season Goals for each Division:
6U:   #1 goal is to have fun.   #2 goal is to look forward to playing next season (enjoy the game).
8U:   #1 goal is to have fun.   #2 goal is to learn the fundamentals of softball.
10U: #1 goal is to have fun.   #2 goal is to introduce position skills and game strategies.
12U: #1 goal is to have fun.   #2 goal is to develop position and strategies at a competitive level of play.
14U: #1 goal is to have fun.   #2 goal is to refine positions and strategies at a higher competitive level of play.

We are now able to issue each coach a bucket of practice balls.  A first aid kit will be placed in the equipment box of each dugout.  Since we only received about 50% of the balls back the first year, we now require a $50 deposit (check) from each coach.  The check will be returned at the end of the season when the equipment is returned.

If you have questions about equipment, please contact FSC Equipment Director
Adrian Hurd at:


Coaches Documents

Coach Selection Process
  ASA Background Check - Coaches Guide to Electronic Consent
  Practice Plan
  Soft Skills Matrix

Player Bio

Coach Expectations 
  Code of Conduct - Players and Parents
  Code of Conduct - Coaches
Example presentation for Team Parent meeting
  Example Team Welcome Letter 

Coaching Videos

For coaching videos from some of the best coaches and players, go to Sport Skool.

You can also check YouTube for example practice drills.


Pitching Resources:


Here's a program (52 mins) and it's $7.99

More resources here....