Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the FSC Select Program

What is the Select Program?

The USA Softball of Sacramento Select program (formerly known as the B Program) is designed to create a more competitive environment for players to participate in while still remaining in a recreational league setting. Players will participate in regular FSC recreational league play in addition to being a member of an elite recreational Select team.

Who is eligible to play on a Select team for Folsom Softball Club (FSC)?
Players that live or go to school in Folsom are eligible to try out for a Folsom Select team. 

How are players chosen for the Select team?
An open tryout will be held and the Select coach will build his/her roster based on that tryout and his/her knowledge of players.

What is the player commitment?
There are two seasons for a Select team: spring/summer combined and fall.

The spring/summer season runs from January through July/early August. Tryouts for the spring/summer team will occur in November (or maybe December) Select practices will begin in January and some coaches may choose to practice 3-5 days per week. Select Tournaments will begin in March.  

Fall tryouts will take place in July/August and the fall season commitment will likely be 3-5 days per week consisting of practices and tournament play and/or double headers at the league's and coach’s discretion.

Do Select players have to try out each season?
The Select roster is only guaranteed for one season at a time and families are only asked to commit to one season at a time.

Can my daughter play another sport and play for the Select team at the same time?
Select practices and games should be treated as the priority for Select players. Frequent absences could disrupt play time, team bonding, and may impact whether or not your daughter is chosen to participate the following season. With the Select commitment being as high as 5 days per week it may be challenging to juggle another sport.

Are Select players guaranteed a certain amount of playing time in games?
Select players are not guaranteed play time in Select/All Star tournaments or in the fall season play. Select is played competitively. Coaches should be focused on development of all players and fostering a passion and love for the game in practices but he or she will play the games competitively which can often mean playing the best nine players most of the time.

My daughter is a really good player and I’m trying to decide if Folsom Select is right for my daughter or if she should play A level ball.
This is a decision that can only be made by your family and should be made with objective consideration and an accurate assessment of your daughter’s skills by you and experienced and trusted coaches/instructors in the softball community. A level travel ball should be reserved for the truly gifted and exceptional players. For the right players, A level ball can be a very rewarding experience. Many advanced players are not ready for A ball and jumping in too early may result in loss of passion for the game, burn out, or injury. A level ball can also be a higher investment of time and money. Our recommendation is to do some research and keep an open mind regarding your daughter’s skills and make the decision that is best for your family. Making an A Ball team or a Select team are both great accomplishments and should be celebrated.

Will my daughter play for two different FSC teams?
No. FSC will only participate in the Select program if GSSA allows players to play for the select team only.

What is the cost to participate in the Select program?
This is an estimate and can vary based on number of players and miscellaneous expenses. *This is based on 2017 costs.

  • Tournaments (based on a roster of 12 players) $250
  • Rec Registration (includes rec uniform)$170-$180
  • Select Uniform $50-$100
  • Misc. costs such as field/cage rentals $50

*Participation in Nationals will require additional funds. Many teams will fundraise to help offset costs.

What are the Select tournament dates?


 I have a summer vacation planned that conflicts with a Select/All Star tournament. Can my daughter still play?

You will be asked to sign a letter of understanding and commitment at the time of tryouts. You should list any conflicts at this time as it could play a role in your daughter’s ability to be offered a spot on the Select team. If a conflict arises that the coach was not made aware of prior to your daughter being offered a spot on the team, this could jeopardize your daughter’s standing on the team and/or ability to play Select in future seasons.