Question 1 - Player/Team Assignment Process

Why was my daughter put on that team?   Why wasn't my team/coach/friend/school request honored?  How can I change teams?

As of Spring 2014, FSC moved to a draft process for 8U-14U divisions.  Details of the process are HERE.  As such, coach/friend requests are no longer applicable as coaches pick their teams. Moving teams after the draft is complete is not an available option.

For 6U, placement is decided on coach and friend requests, followed by grouping by school.

 Question 2 - Competitive Program

What is the Folsom Softball Club's competitive program? What is the difference between Comp “A”, Comp “B” and Rec softball?   

Our recreational softball program has a 3-month season (Mar-May).  The teams are formed by age group 6U (5-6 year olds), 8U (7-8 year olds), 10U (9-10 year olds), 12U (11-12 year olds) and 14U (13-14 year olds).  Players for the 8U through 14U divisions are evaluated prior to the start of the season so that individuals with experience and increased athletic ability can be fairly distributed on all teams in the division.  The rec program is designed to be instructional and developmental, while introducing a healthy level of competition.  No players are cut from participation because of talent or experience.  All who register are placed on a team.  Most rec games will be played on Folsom fields, however the 14U division may have games in cities around the greater Sacramento Valley, if we do not have enough teams within the division for inner league play.

Our competitive All Star “B” tournament teams will be formed at the end of the recreational season.  Practice starts immediately after the rec season ends and will be at least 2, more likely 3 days a week.  All Comp “B” tournament teams are comprised only of players coming out of the recreational fast pitch program.  All Star “B” players participate in weekend fast pitch tournaments throughout Northern California, but mostly in the greater Sacramento Valley, starting in late May.  All Star “B” tournaments are hosted by various organizations through the month of November, however most All Star “B” tournament teams only compete during the summer months. 

Our competitive Folsom Freedom “A” tournament teams are formed in December, after try-outs are held to select the most experienced and talented players to form the teams.  Additional tryouts may be held during the summer months if positions open up through attrition or coach decision.  Not all players who try-out for the Comp “A” tournament teams will earn a position on a team.  The Comp “A” tournament teams compete in “A” level tournaments throughout Northern California, but mostly in the greater Sacramento Valley, from March through November.  The Comp “A” teams typically compete in 10-20 weekend tournaments over a 9 month period, while practicing 2-3 times per week.  

 Question 3 - Practice and Game Schedules

What are the practice and game schedules for the upcoming season?

The regular recreational season runs from March to May. Teams will practice 2-3 times per week until games begin. Most teams will stop practicing after games begin, however coaches may request field time for additional practices as field availability permits. Teams will have two games per week. Usually, one game during the week and one on Saturday. The schedules won’t be finalized until registration closes and the teams are determined.   

 Question 4 - Age Division/Eligibility (Spring 2014)

How are the age groups (divisions) determined?   What division will my daughter be in?

Folsom Softball Club is a member of ASA (Amateur Softball Association) and therefore we follow the ASA age division guidelines.  Player age is determined by their age on January 1st.  For the 2014 season, the following age divisions apply:

              6U Division =  players with birth years 2007-2008
              8U Division =  players with birth years 2005-2006
            10U Division =  players with birth years 2003-2004

            12U Division =  players with birth years 2001-2002
            14U Division =  players with birth years 1999-2000

By special request, submitted to the player agent, a player with exceptional talent and experience may request to “play up” in the next higher age division. The player will be evaluated and the board may approve the player to move up to the next division. 

 Question 5 - Head Coach vs. Assistant Coach

What is the difference in the roles of the Head Coach vs. Assistant Coach?   

Head Coach - is in charge of the entire team, including responsibility for softball instruction and coaching during practices and games. The Head Coach gives direction and leadership to the Assistant Coach(es). Knowledge of the game and skill in teaching softball skills is a requirement for this position; however in the younger age groups we will provide training and guidance. Position is applied for through an application process and approved by Coach Agent and/or Board.  ASA Background check and registration required. This leadership position requires a commitment to the team, but it is also a great deal of fun and very rewarding.

Assistant Coach(es) - This person helps the Head Coach at practices and games. There is usually one assistant coach, but there can be more than one assistant coach as long as they have completed theASA Background check. While knowledge of the game and skill in teaching softball skills is very helpful for this position, we do provide training and the Head Coach provides overall direction. Position of Assistant Coach is applied for through an application process and approved by the Coach Agent and/or Board.  As with all coaching jobs, this position is hard work, but it is also fun and rewarding.  

Question 6 - Team Coordinator

What is a Team Coordinator?

Team Coordinator/Parent
The Team Coordinator works closely with the Head Coach, and supports the activities of the entire team, working closely with coaches and parents. The Team Coordinator organizes team activities, and typically is involved in team communication and overseeing other parent volunteers (snack bar, for example). The Team Coordinator function is a critical one to the success of the team. Knowledge of softball skills or rules is not required.  Requires ASA Background check to be on the field or dugout. This is a fun job with responsibility. 

NOTE:  A female must be present at all team events (practice, games, training, parties, etc).  She is not required to have a background check (i.e. a mom sitting in the stands watching practice meets the criteria).  However, if the person (male or female) is in the dugout or on the field then the ASA policy applies that the person must have an ASA background check.

Question 7 - Background Check and Fee

Who needs to have a background check?   What about scorekeepers?   When am I allowed to go on the field?  How do I find out if I was cleared?

Who needs a background check and why:

ASA requires that anyone on the field or in the dugout with the girls must have a background check.  This includes Coaches and Team Coordinators.  Only Coaches and Team Coordinators are to be in the dug-out or on the field during games.  Parents can assist at practice if they have submitted the ASA background check.  The reason for this is to protect our girls from someone that may have a criminal past.  Since scorekeepers are not on the field, they do not require a background check (like the parents in the stands).

Documentation (ASA form/CDL) is no longer required and consent will be provided by the volunteer online once the league submits their information to ASA by FSC.  Payment of $25 to Folsom Softball Club is required (the fee for ONE Head Coach and ONE Assistant Coach will be paid by FSC).

When Cleared:
Once the league receives confirmation that you've consented to the background check, you are allowed to be on the field.  ASA will notify the league president if anyone comes back “not cleared” and the league will take appropriate action at that time.

Question 8 - Uniforms and Equipment

What equipment do I need to purchase separately?  What uniform items will be issued?

Fall Season Uniforms:
In an effort to keep costs down, players will receive one uniform shirt for the fall season (only your number on the jersey). All players will wear navy blue pants – purchased separately.  Individual teams may decide on and purchase socks of their choice (crazy socks, star socks, tie-dyed socks, etc.).

Spring Season Uniforms:
Each player will be assigned one jersey, one visor, and one pair of socks.  The jersey and visor will have the player's last name on them.  The cost of these uniform items is included in the registration price.  In addition, teams can purchasecrazy/fun socks if they choose.

Must be
 purchased separately:

1. NAVY softball pants  - Sports Authority, Bases Loaded, or BIG5 Sporting Goods in Folsom carry a good stock of softball pants.  There are also many online resources.
2. Batting helmet: Must meet NOCSAE standard (it will have a stamp on it), with face mask and chin strap.

3. Cleats:  Soccer cleats are fine if you don't want to purchase a separate pair of softball cleats. Metal cleats are ONLY allowed in 14U.

4. Glove:  Each player will need her own glove.

5. Bat:  Must have ASA Certified stamp. Any sporting goods store can help you with picking out the right size.

Balls - for use outside of practices
6U: 10" Easton Incrediball (soft training ball)
8U: 10" regular ASA softball
10U: 11" regular ASA softball
12U: 12" regular ASA softball
14U: 12" regular ASA softball

Question 8 - Registration Fee Breakdown & Refund Policy


Spring Registration Fee

2014 Spring Fee Breakdown Amount
  Uniform $ 38
  Umpire Equipment/Payroll $ 28
  Player ASA/NorCal Registration Fees $ 18
  Administration/Supplies/Director Insurance $ 15
  Coaches (Shirts-ASA Fees-Training) $ 17
  Equipment/Rentals/Field Prep Fees $ 16
  Player Awards and Special Events $ 10
  Pictures $  4
  Scholarships $  4
  TeamSideLine (Website Mgmt Fees) $  4
  City of Folsom Fees (Adopt/Fields) $ 26
Total Spring Registration Fee:  $180
2014 Spring Registration Fee Schedule AmountRefund
Dec 1 - Jan 12
(Earlybird $10 Discount Period)
Jan 13 - Feb 1
(Regular Registration Fee - No Discount)
Feb 2 - Mar 1
(Registration Closed - Add to Wait List - Fee is $255 if added to a team)
City of Folsom Non-Resident Fee $ 15 
Sibling Discount ($ 10) 

If you have other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at